Work that I did for money and/or glory

BustedTees (New York, NY)

Various t-shirt designs/illustrations

Marvel Entertainment (New York, NY)

SABI + ABI (New York, NY)

Character design and illustration, label design. (Photo by Andrew Choi, copy + concept by SABI+ABI)

The College Hill Independent (Providence, RI)

Food on Sticks
Pussy Riot
Jill Stein
Trading Players
My Dad is Li Gang
RI High School Bans Grinding

Front Covers

Event Listings


Illustration for children's tunic

Ouchi Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)

Website design for artist Tomoya Onoue
Website design for artist Takuro Hinokio
Website design for artist the"u"zing
Sample website design for artist duo ORINOTAWASHI
Sample website design for artist Seri Hano