One day, members of the Panda Party remembered that they had a stash of nuclear weapons hidden away. They hadn't used any for centuries, so they decided to administer a test.
They launched the missile from their homeland...
...aiming it for a distant mountain range ringed by clouds, where an unlucky mountain frog got caught in the blast.
The frog saw his life flash and twirl before his eyes. He felt the borders of his consciousness implode.
Suddenly he felt a sharp impact as his tiny frog ass collided with a hard, unfamiliar landmass.
As he tried to orient himself to his surroundings he laid eyes upon the most delicious deity he had ever seen.
Before he could gather his thoughts, the deity zapped him with her laser eyes, which made him start to feel different. Cuter, perhaps! And more spry!
Suddenly he felt overwhelmed by maternal energy! He couldn't help himself, and he began depositing a storm of eggs into the ocean, flippy-flapping his lovely new set of wings.
One island in particular received a very heavy rain of fairy frog eggs. The island inventor, Bertha the black bear, came up with a brilliant way to make use of this unexpected deluge.
The island's residents harvested the frog eggs and began mixing them into their signature drink. Thus, boba was invented!
Now, the island and many other around the world enjoy the wonderful lovely refreshing tapioca frog bubbles in milk tea! I wish you beauiful life filled by many happy days.