Soft Sculpture

These are softbabies

A plush made with cartoon patterned fabric. The fabric is red with white bunny heads all over. The plush's head is shaped like a sheet mask with rabbit ears, and the patterned fabric is turned inside out so that it looks paler on the outside of the plush. The plush's body is much smaller than the head and has the correct side of the fabric facing out, so the color is more vivid. The plush has purple-gray tears coming out of its eyes. The tears are stuffed with batting and have tiny Sculpey rabbit heads inside.
A plush shaped like a sheet mask made of shiny, fuzzy, stretchy red fabric. On top of the plush are keshi pearls made of sculpey, and pieces of sushi made of sculpey, painted with multicolored camouflage patterns. The sushi pieces are flipped so the fish is on the bottom and the rice is on top, and there are also shiny gems stuck on the rice. There is also a flattened tongue-like shape made of Sculpey with a leaked photo from an orgy involving members of the Chinese Communist Part, clipped onto the tongue.
Close up of CCP orgy leaked photo. There are five people standing in two rows, with three naked men in the back and two women in front wearing black lingerie. Two of the people are making V signs at the camera and smiling.
Close up of sculpey sushi. The sushi pieces are flipped so the rice is on top, and painted with red, green, and blue camouflage patterns. There are plastic stick-on gems applied to the rice.
A sheet mask-shaped plush made of soft pink fleece. Around the perimeter, there are sculpted/painted objects that resemble both tongues and strawberries. A fabric bone juts out of the mask's mouth hole. Fragments of the Chinese words for Happy Birthday are scattered on top of the plush. It is resting on a platform covered by a pink lace curtain. The lace pattern features Paul Frank's Julius the monkey character and was purchased at a Chinese street market.
A large plush of Kirby, the pink round video game character. Their eyes are closed and mouth is wide open, but there is a drawstring visible, suggesting that the mouth can be pulled shut. Inside the mouth there is a lot of polyester batting, eggs made of felt, fabric bones, and small pillows with images of pregnant women with maternity pillows from
Close up of inside of Kirby's mouth, showing fabric bones, felt eggs, images of pregnant women with maternity pillows printed onto miniature pillows, and a handmade embryonic kirby that has a tadpole-like body.