Chii from the manga Chobits, with hair and bandages swirling around chaotically. Orange tears drip out from her eyes. Collage-like elements are painting into the composition in box shapes, containing: Shinji from Evangelion shielding his eyes, one hand holding another's wrist, a glowing heart-shaped watermelon, an anime figurine with maroon hair wearing a white bra, a woman with a bob wearing a white shirt that says LOL on it.
Detail of Chii has haunted me for my entire life,  showing a close up of Chii's face. She's blushing and orange tears come out of her eyes.
Detail of Chii has haunted me for my entire life,  showing a glowy heart shaped watermelon with pink wrapping.
Detail of Chii has haunted me for my entire life, showing Shinji Ikari shielding his eyes from light.
Euphoric bugs dig into the skin of a rotting peach. Some have eating implements such as forks and straws.
Two large white angelic bunnies loom over a magenta ground. A turtle on its back has a tear coming out of its eye. Other bunnies are slicing up a humanoid shape with scissors. The sky is filled with fluffy clouds and other smaller angel bunnies wielding a lightning bolt and scythe are visible.
A man cowers in fear while a golden monkey sits on his head. Another monkey is seen beside them. Cartoon characters from the patterned fabric support are in the foreground and background, some on fire.
A butterfly painted in thick dark oil paint, with an anime girl's head and huge sparkly eye. The background of the painting is bright pink patterned fabric with strawberries on it. Other anime faces and shiny eyes are in the background.
Two hot dogs float on a pink fabric with a pattern of cartoon characters. The hot dogs are covered in clear drops of liquid.
A vertical canvas with four orcas drawn in pink oil stick. There is also a bus shaped like a dog and a fish with a bowtie singing at a microphone. There are eggs and baby fish floating around the large orcas.
Chii from the manga Chobits floating in a pool of water like John Everett Millais's painting of Ophelia
A figure with a sheet mask on touching their face. Cats, a bottle gourd with arms and legs, and other creatures wearing sheet masks float around. All are painted in dark cool colors.
A close up of a figure's face wearing a baseball cap with disney ears. The cap is embroidered with my mom's name, Chunhua. The image is cropped below the figure's eyes and a dark shadow covers the eyes.
A close up portrait of a rabbit wearing a bucket hat with a disney logo on it.
A close up portrait of a tiger wearing a hat with a disney logo on it. The tiger is also wearing a sheet mask made of iridescent plastic, whose colors look different from different angles.
Oil paint applied to stretched hello kitty patterned fabric. There is a large cartoon fish diagonally across the painting, appearing to crash into a planet covered in orange goo. There is a drawing of a person running, drawn in blue oil stick. Hello Kitties are showing through from the fabric pattern underneath.
Dark green paint applied thickly to canvas. A figure in the middle appears to stare at their glowing, gloved hand with a single anime eye. The figure's outlines are drawn by scraping away the dark green paint to reveal bright orange and yellow underneath. In the background is a giant plastic clip, and abstracted liquid splashing shapes.
A kitten stuffed inside a baby bottle. The bottle is placed diagonally across the canvas and takes up most of the composition. The kitten's paws are pressed onto the glass and it's glowing yellow. The kitten inside is blurred and seems to be spinning or in motion. There is a small gray cat outside the bottle, placing its paw on it and looking in.
A person sleeping on a large pillow shaped like a carrot. Most of the painting is taken up by the rounded orange shape of the carrot, while the person's face and hand are peeking in from the corners. They look very relaxed and calm.
An abstract, blue-green human-like figure in the middle of the canvas is carrying another abstracted human figure in their arms. The larger, carrying figure has a glowing lemon-slice-like shape over their head. Behind the figures is an orange covered by a protective foam fruit wrapper, looming large.
Two salamanders are descending into a glowing pool of liquid. Their fingers are visible poking above the liquid surface, and they both have red ribbons tied around their tails. Four figures are lined up on the edge of the pool, each wearing shiny yellow rubber gloves. Their faces are out of the canvas and cannot be seen. There is Chinese text along the edges of the pool which blesses the salamanders' wedding.
A person smushing two overwhelmingly large blobs of foam onto the left and right sides of their face. The composition is symmetrical, the two foam blobs framing the figure's face which is barely visible between them. Each foam blob is smiling.
A portrait of an anime girl in cool colors, facing front, cropped to her shoulders. Her face is shredding and fragmenting, with ribbons coming out, and the background seems to be coming forward and cutting into her. Her left eye is still visible and intact.
A portrait of an anime girl crying. Her hands cover most of her face but pink chunky tears flow over her hands and arms. She is cropped at the torso and floating in a blue sky with clouds.
A figure lies curled up, sunken in a vast golden wheat field. The wheat looks pillowy. The sky is visible and blue around the edges, fading into a translucent pink. The figure has bright red undertones and an inscrutable expression.
A portrait of two anime figures embracing, cropped at their waists. They are crying and one of their faces is covered in bandages. Thin colorful veiny tendrils are popping out of their eyes and skin. The Beijing shopping center known as Galaxy Soho, designed by Zaha Hadid and resembling robotic alien eggs, is visible in the background. The color palette is neon and rainbow.
Two anime girls in profile, with one touching the other's face in a tender fashion. The right figure has longer hair which flows around the edges of the canvas and circles around the other figure. There are colorful plants and feathers reaching in from the top edge of the canvas. The left figure appears to be crying, and her tears are floating away like bubbles. The colors are neon and pastel and everything seems shiny.
A dominating figure with large butterfly wings slices a peach-like growth off of another figure's body. The figure being operated on is curled up and looks fearful. Blood is pouring out from where the butterfly woman's knife makes contact with the peach growth. There are butt-like peaches floating in the background.
A pink house with an overgrown garden. The leaves are colorful and the plants are as tall as the house. In each corner of the painting is a portrait of a woman with white flowers on the edges. Each portrait has a character written on it in Chinese or Korean. Clockwise from top left, they read: Lee, Kim, Lan, Zhang.
Four figures are stacked on top of each other, sitting in each other's laps. They each have long hair parted in the middle and are clutching Pikachus. Their faces are obscured by colored pencil gradients. The bottommost figure is curled up and her face is covered. The background is a beach painted in runny watercolors.
Large plushy disembodied hands and feet sit on a tiled floor. In the background are some trees, a staircase-like structure, and three large black pots. Two small human hands are visible among the large plush monkey hands. On the bottom right there is Chinese text that means Shipping Included.
A figure in the foreground is splintering into various colored droplets and ribbons, and appears to be using their hand to cover a baby's face. The baby is also dissolving into colors and shapes. Behind them is a hallway made up of giant sliced watermelon sculptures standing upright, and a man in overalls holding up a large turtle. The man's eyes are covered by a stroke of paint and two small makeup sponges where his eyes would be. There are other makeup sponges floating through the space. Many of the elements in this painting are drawn from photos on, a Chinese e-commerce website.
Many of the elements in this painting are drawn from photos on, a Chinese e-commerce website. In the top left is a pink drone, with squishable fruit toys falling out of the drone's front camera. A mother and daughter with wearable umbrellas make eye contact and raise their hands. The daughter's face is covered in cucumbers. Below them are four figures with extremely long hair that covers their faces. In the foreground is a table with a sunflower seed bowl on it. The sunflower seed bowl also has a slot that holds a smartphone. A Chinese drama is visible on the phone's screen, and a hand is reaching in from the right to pick up some sunflower seeds.
A colorful stuffed frog is draped across someone's lap. A hand reaches in from the bottom left and squishes the frog's face. The background is a colorful mass of plants.
A figure on the left is smashing a terra cotta statue, and fragmented bits of terra cotta sculptures fly across the canvas interspersed with Wechat stickers. On the bottom is a crowd of smaller figures, also destroying terra cotta sculptures.
Close up of two hands holding black goldfish, with one goldfish in each hand. Their are sparkly and shiny.
A figure with one visible eye raises their hands up from the bottom of the canvas. The left hand has a jade bead bracelet on it. The figure is reaching toward a mass of vines filled with bottle gourds hanging off them. The colors are green and glowing.
A person in a full-body peach costume extends their arms outward as if preparing for a hug. There are two towers of mascot costume heads stacked up behind the peach person. There is a lattice of navy shadows covering the figure and background.
A person in a full body peach costume stands and extends arms outward as if for a hug. The background is white and there are pink flower petals scattered across it.
An inflatable clam shell sits on an otherwise empty tennis court. An inflatable pearl sits beside the shell.
A figure is using a watermelon stencil to cut a popsicle shape out of a sliced watermelon. The image is cropped to the figure's hand and the watermelon.
A plump cartoony frog lies down horizontally and gazes upward in despair. There are pink sparkles behind the frog and the surface they're lying on is sky blue.
A close up of someone's pants lowered enough to reveal a strip of their boxers. On the boxers are two portraits of women, and an image of a person with their bicycle in a field at night. There are white moths on the boxers that are flying out and entering the space around the person. The surrounding behind the person is the inside of a Subway restaurant.
A glowing green deer lies down on the ground. Small plants and weeds grow around it. There is a bright orange X painted across the deer's body.
Two young fish vendors appear to be posing behind bins and tanks of seafood. Above them are two dome-shaped lamps, and behind them are photos of fish for sale. Behind the photos there is a chain link fence.
Close up portrait of a cat shrieking with mouth wide open. It has large fangs and tears spurting out of its eyes, floating away like bubbles. Its paws are visible in the corner and each have 6-7 toes. There are also sunflowers in the bottom left corner of the canvas.
A large Julius the monkey opens its mouth super wide, and many smaller Juliuses are spilling out. They are in varying states of pain, ecstasy and dismemberment. Four monkey hands stick in from the edges of the canvas, each one holding a plump peach with liquid oozing out.
The canvas is split into two horizontal sections. On top two girls are sitting in the dark and a red glow comes through from the window behind them. On the bottom are trees at night illuminated by a strong light, casting shadows onto a wall behind them.
A large swimmer with soft-looking yellow-green translucent skin emerges from blue turbulent water. A suited diver is pulling them out from the water. In the foreground, a humanoid rabbit and frog are watching.
Oil paint is applied to translucent neon green vinyl. Two women's faces are floating in the top right, and five disembodied hands with red nail polish float away from them in the middle. On the bottom right, three iPads displaying family photos rest on a table, with three small clementines piled in front.
Oil paint is applied to neon pink translucent vinyl. A girl in a schoolgirl costume floats in the middle in lotus pose, with numerous arms coming out of her body. Cute recognizable characters such as Rilakkuma and Elmo float around her, as well as an airplane. Dirty-looking clouds fill the bottom corners of the frame. In the top left, a hand with eight fingers and red nails creeps in.
Acrylic paint applied to iridescent vinyl that reflects its surroundings and has different colors when viewed from different angles. Fragments of clasped hands are placed around the image. An anime girl's face, painted on the back side of the plastic, is visible through a storm of brushy white shards. There is a jagged orange border around the entire piece.
Acrylic paint applied to iridescent vinyl that reflects its surroundings and has different colors when viewed from different angles. Fragments of clasped hands are placed around the image. An anime girl's face, painted on the back side of the plastic, is visible through a storm of brushy white shards. There is a jagged orange border around the entire piece.
A piece of light cotton with a large anime drawing of an angel/demon woman printed on it. Many embroidered creatures and details, such as clouds, flames, Kirby, Kumamon, and a scrub daddy, among others, are integrated into the drawing. There are also other smaller drawings and images printed/painted onto the fabric, such as a pair of oranges, a rose, and a screaming girl.
Detail of embroidery: A close up onto an embroidered crescent moon with patches of pale blue and gray, as well as a painted piece of bok choy and a printed transfer of a cartoon bunny poking out of a flower bud.
Detail of embroidery: Close up of the angel/demon drawing, showing embroidered details such as a third eye, intestines spilling out, a bleeding severed hand, clouds, Hello Kitty's bleeding severed head, among others.