Crybaby's World (2020)

Exhibited at Out of the Closet in Brooklyn, NY for Gowanus Artwalk 2020. (The store offers free HIV testing.) The video being shown on the projector is online here.

Crybaby’s World is an immersive installation using soft sculptures, found and custom textiles, oil paintings, and found objects. It unites a continuous body of work about Crybabies—characters whose faces are shaped like skincare sheet masks, but with protruding bunny ears and mushy bodies—and the world they inhabit. Informed by Sianne Ngai’s investigation of cuteness as a contradictory emotion that contains both affection and aggression, I embed soft domestic objects with disembodied tongues, lost teeth, and cartoony tears, creating a collision between sarcasm and sincerity. Through assembling romantic junk from China, America, and the internet, I re-interpret failures of cultural translation into new narratives of hybridity. Some structures and feelings can’t be translated, only violently manipulated to fit inside a different culture, creating something enticingly inauthentic.