Sketchbook excerpts

A girl sitting in a flooded bathroom with a bloodied face, tying up her hair. There is a white moth landing on her knee.
Hands reaching toward large eggs, a person with a beverage whose head is half melted off, a close up of an eye and hairline with a gash in between and fish eggs poking out of the gash
A young woman in profile contemplating a flower with a long stem
A large frog with its mouth open, and numerous smaller frogs popping out of its mouth. All the smaller frogs are wearing bowties and many are holding top hats. The large frog has a large bowtie also.
Various drawings of frogs cramming fruit into their mouths
Various doodles in red pen of tired monkeys, despairing monkeys, a frog in a suit, a fish holding a birthday cake
Various drawings of cartoon cats crying and in varying states of despair and anguish
Hypothetical drawings of pottery artifacts if they were based on Sonic characters
A young man sitting in the back of a van, looking out the back. The van’s back door is raised and the man is surrounded by potted plants.