Digital Native

Digital works made with html/css/javascript. Each opens in a new tab. Best viewed on desktop browser. Some have sound and flashing lights (indicated below).

Collage of Chinese house slippers on a background of a child’s drawing.
Slippery People 《滑人》(2018) - Welcome to my Homepage Digital Artist Residency, May 2018
A photo of a person’s palm with orderly circles imprinted onto the flesh, from being pressed onto the seat of a chair with circular holes in it.
Overseas Chinese Heritage Center
A disassembled plastic figurine of an anime girl inside a plastic bag, collaged on top of an illustration of a landscape and sky.
Body Abandonment Notice
Collage of a screenshot of Pikachu from the N64 game Pokemon Snap on top of an artificial-looking tropical ocean.
A young person in glasses puncturing a bubble tea container, partially obscured by a glitch effect, on a colorful gradient background.
Bubble Beach
Partly transparent photos of flowers collaged and layered over an image of stars in space.
52 Year Abyss
A cup of tea on a saucer pasted over a background of white flowers.
Wikimedia Commons Image Matchmaker
A black and white ink drawing of a graveyard with trees growing between tombstones.
Shape of a Ghost
A pixel drawing of waves crashing into shore at night.
Night Beach
Digitally illustrated human torso and photos of cracked iPhones collaged over a web of cracked glass.
A photo of a dead bird on sand with a plant growing out of it.
My Friend With a Dead Bird on the Beach
A stock photo of a handshake. One hand belongs to a white person and one hand belongs to a black person. The stock company’s logo is visible on the photo.
Diversity is Important

These Contain Flashing Colors/Images:

These Contain Audio: