Digital Native

Digital works made with html/css/javascript. Each opens in a new tab. Best viewed on desktop browser. Some have sound and flashing lights (indicated below).

Slippery People 《滑人》(2018) - Welcome to my Homepage Digital Artist Residency, May 2018
Overseas Chinese Heritage Center (2016)
Body Abandonment Notice (2015)
Escondido (2015)
Bubble Beach (2014)
52 Year Abyss (2014)
Wikimedia Commons Image Matchmaker (2014)
Shape of a Ghost (2013)
Night Beach (2013)
iPhones (2013)
My Friend With a Dead Bird on the Beach (2013)
Diversity is Important (2013)

These Contain Flashing Colors/Images:

Homeland (2014). Warning: Flashing Colors
Balls (2014) - Warning: Flashing images

These Contain Audio:

Shhhh (2015) - Warning: Autoplay Loud Audio
Mermaids (2014) - Warning: Sound - Screen Recorded Video Documentation of web page