Chameleon with word bubble saying Sup Pink monkey with word bubble saying Sup Droopy yellow puppy with word bubble saying Sup Glowy green frog with word bubble saying Sup Purple snail with green shell with word bubble saying Sup Yellow bird with long neck and a scarf, being overtaken by smog Calico cat trying to drink a beverage but their smog mask is blocking the straw Bunny wearing a smog mask on a cold polluted day A gorilla in a necktie opens a window and smog clouds come in, causing him to vomit suddenly The Chinese character for Cow morphs into a cartoon cow and back A smiling rice cooker. The lid rises and falls and steaming rice is inside. A bundle of napa cabbage shrinks into nothingness over and over again
A cartoon person with a sheetmask. The sheet mask flies off to reveal the person's face is just a chasm filled with pink worms. A person moving a phone around in front of their face to find the best angle for a selfie A plant grows up and suddenly blooms into a sickly looking flower A lazy green monkey rolls onto their belly and onto their back over and over again A blue-purple sad fish sheds tears that puddle below A lumpy shiny peach with the Chinese character for I on it. Pixel drawing of two pandas in historical Chinese Communist Party outfits about to press an ominous large red button, in front of a screen showing a big crosshairs A cup of boba spinning in circles A black and white animation of a person walking. Their head is consumed by a large black scribble. A pixel drawing of a frog with butterfly wings, rapidly pooping black round tapioca pearls
Spinning image of boba on a tropical beach background A cup of boba overflowing with bubbles and a milk splash, warping and distorting until they're just splatter shapes, over a background of a rapidly warping road. A lumpy 3d rendering made from a flat image of boba spinning and rotating. The background is a shifting image of sky and there are simple 3d animations of fruit collaged in the corners. 3 cups of boba in fancy glasses spinning around. The background is a row of palm trees and a shifting forested hill.
A black and white illustration of a person running across the street in a city with many flashing neon lights in the background. People taking photos in front of the statue at Xuanwu Lake in Nanjing. A large strawberry missile launches from the mountains behind the statue. A goddess-like purple figure in lotus pose with numerous hands sprouting out from behind them. There are palm trees coming from their shoulders, they're sitting on a bed of ice cubes and there are strawberries under the ice. GIF Collage of two hands framing a black bob. Where a person's face should be under the hair, there is instead a mass of butterflies with flapping wings. The background is a pattern of flowers with psychedelic flashing colors. A person's legs from behind, cut off above the waist so only legs and feet are visible. Blood drips down the inner left leg. A clay animation of a person with clasped hands and a happy expression. A leaf sprouts out of their head and then their head splits open to reveal a monkey with a leaf coming out of its head. A person drinks water from a plastic water bottle, but the spout of the water bottle is another person's face so it seems like they're kissing. Cartoony GIF illustration of four youths skateboarding with the Beijing Bird's Nest stadium int he background. Two people standing apart from each other but facing one another, one a floating train station platform in the sky. A night view of an outdoor staircase leading up to an overpass. Two figures ascend the stairs and are shown from behind. One is walking, and another is riding their bike up the middle. A person in a school uniform is climbing out of a computer UI window and their finger is hovering over the X in the top left corner. Terminate written in red cursive is flashing in the window. Several creatures are relaxing on a large cloud drinking boba, including a panda, an Easter Island Moai head, and a human taking a selfie. There is a sign on the cloud with different names for boba written on it. A strawberry shaped missile crashes into a mountainous cloudy landscape. A green frog is sitting on one of the mountains and gets caught in the explosion's smoke.